Welcome visitors from Chelsea Author Promo!

Welcome to my blog and thanks for dropping by. I am very grateful for the opportunity to meet each of you and am offering a gift set of Celtic Jewelry as a prize to those who visit and those who drop by and check out the Embracing the Romance blog. PLEASE leave your comments there under my name on the blog  BJ SCOTT



While here check out my books and my swag page.



About B.J. Scott

With a passion for history and romance, I always have several exciting works in progress. Each manuscript offers a blend of passion, adventure and where appropriate, a dab of comic relief. Carefully researched historical facts are woven into the storyline, providing a backdrop from which steamy romance, gripping plots and vivid characters—dashing alpha heroes and resourceful, beguiling heroines you can’t help but admire—spring to life. I also write contemporary, paranormal, time travel and romantic suspense. After several years in the nursing and child and youth work fields, I met and married my knight in shinning armor and he whisked me away to his castle by the sea. Actually, it is a century old home in a small town in SW Ontario, Canada, on the shore of Lake Erie, where we reside with our four dogs and a cat. While born in Canada, my ancestors were from Scotland, Ireland and England. Perhaps the reason for my fascination with anything Celtic. In the fourth grade, I discovered the work of C.S Lewis, and was hooked on books. While I dabbled in writing for many years, I began to pursue my writing dream in earnest when I completed the first book in my Fraser Brother Trilogy, Highland Legacy. Like all authors the road to publication was not smooth and there is always something new to learn. When I got my first contract, I was thrilled and grateful to my husband, family and friends for their support. One book spawned three and the Trilogy was born. Thanks to the readers. Without you there would be no need for authors or new books. When I am not writing, working at my childcare job or on my small business making had braided Celtic jewelry, Beaded book thongs and assorted other swag and gift idea, you will find me reading, camping or antique hunting. I am a PAN member of Romance Writers of America, World Romance Writers, Celtic Heart Romance Writers, Savvy Authors and several writer critique groups. I am also a proud member of the Clan Scott Society
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24 Responses to Welcome visitors from Chelsea Author Promo!

  1. Kimi Court says:

    I love your books. Really I have all three FRASER BROTHERS in ebook form. Your Celtic jewelry is very pretty also.

  2. Shantie Annie Khemraj says:

    These jewellery are so beautiful!

  3. Laura says:

    The jewelry is beautiful, the photos are breathtaking and I need to learn more about the books.

  4. Beautiful pieces, BJ.

  5. Yolanda Gamble says:

    Hi B.J.,
    Your books sound amazing! I love historical romance so will be sure to check them out!
    I just moved from SW Ontario to Newfoundland about 8 months ago so I know the Lake Erie shores well! So happy to meet a fellow Canadian! Best of luck with your books! 🙂

    • B.J. Scott says:

      Thanks Yolanda
      Small world we live in. Where in SW Ontario did you live? NF is a place I really want to visit. The commercials are amazing. Hope you get a chance to read my books

      • Yolanda Gamble says:

        I lived in Chatham from the age of 4 until I went to university. I have lived in London, Guelph, Owen Sound & Lion’s Head as well. Newfoundland is just gorgeous and the people here are amazing! Everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime! 🙂

  6. B.J. Scott says:

    I have a good friend from Chatham. I was born in Welland and grew up in the Niagara area until moving to Kitchener/Waterloo in 2000. Met my hubby who was from London in 2003 and we moved to Port Burwell. I really want to visit NF. Almost made it last summer but it did not work out.

    • Yolanda Gamble says:

      Well if you do ever make it let me know and maybe we can meet for coffee & I’ll show you some of the highlights of St. John’s! I have two sisters who still live in Chatham….such a small world! 🙂

  7. sara prusinski says:


  8. jessica held says:

    Love ur jewerly and love ur books just started reading urs and I am hooked.

  9. Diana Gould says:

    Love the thistle pin! My Dad was part Scottish and I remember him talking about the thistle being the country flower – at least that is what I remember. He passed 3 years ago and miss him so much

    • B.J. Scott says:

      There is a lot of history behind why the thistle is so important to the Scots. Has to do with planting them around the castles so the invaders had a harder time reaching the walls without being stuck lol

  10. julielrobinson says:

    Just got Highland Legacy and am looking forward to reading it. Beautiful jewelry for your contest. Unfortunately, I don’t have pierced ears anymore. I’ve repierced twice but too many infections made me decide I was better off without them. So maybe don’t enter me . . .

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