Happy St. Patrick’s Day and Giveaway!


On March 17th we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Whether we are of Irish ancestry or not, people around the world don green and share the joy and festivities of the day.

But Why green?


Wearing of the green

Originally, the colour associated with Saint Patrick was blue. But over the years the colour green and its association with Saint Patrick’s Day gained popularity. Green ribbons and shamrocks were worn in celebration of St Patrick’s Day as early as the 17th century. Saint Patrick is said to have used the shamrock, a three-leaved plant, to explain the Holy Trinity to the Irish, who were still pagans, and the wearing of the green shamrock became a tradition of the day.  During the rebellion of 1798,  Irish soldiers wore full green uniforms on 17 March in hopes of catching public attention.  The tradition of the shamrock, wearing green and turning anything green you can think, be it a beverage, your hair etc, of in honor of the day has become a tradition.

Leave a comment on my blog and your name will be entered to win one of two prizes below

This contest will run from Today March 16 until Wed March 19th so people have a chance to enter to win.

One person will win a pair of Celtic Earrings and one person will win a St. Patrick’s Day book mark









20140316_102108 20140316_104842


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About B.J. Scott

With a passion for history and romance, I always have several exciting works in progress. Each manuscript offers a blend of passion, adventure and where appropriate, a dab of comic relief. Carefully researched historical facts are woven into the storyline, providing a backdrop from which steamy romance, gripping plots and vivid characters—dashing alpha heroes and resourceful, beguiling heroines you can’t help but admire—spring to life. I also write contemporary, paranormal, time travel and romantic suspense. After several years in the nursing and child and youth work fields, I met and married my knight in shinning armor and he whisked me away to his castle by the sea. Actually, it is a century old home in a small town in SW Ontario, Canada, on the shore of Lake Erie, where we reside with our four dogs and a cat. While born in Canada, my ancestors were from Scotland, Ireland and England. Perhaps the reason for my fascination with anything Celtic. In the fourth grade, I discovered the work of C.S Lewis, and was hooked on books. While I dabbled in writing for many years, I began to pursue my writing dream in earnest when I completed the first book in my Fraser Brother Trilogy, Highland Legacy. Like all authors the road to publication was not smooth and there is always something new to learn. When I got my first contract, I was thrilled and grateful to my husband, family and friends for their support. One book spawned three and the Trilogy was born. Thanks to the readers. Without you there would be no need for authors or new books. When I am not writing, working at my childcare job or on my small business making had braided Celtic jewelry, Beaded book thongs and assorted other swag and gift idea, you will find me reading, camping or antique hunting. I am a PAN member of Romance Writers of America, World Romance Writers, Celtic Heart Romance Writers, Savvy Authors and several writer critique groups. I am also a proud member of the Clan Scott Society
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46 Responses to Happy St. Patrick’s Day and Giveaway!

  1. B.J. Scott says:

    Thanks Adrianna. Will enter you in the draw 😉

  2. Shantie Annie Khemraj says:

    Thanks for the e-mail! It’s so good to finally know the meaning of St. Patrick’s Day. Wishing you all the best on St. Patrick’s Day and everyday after!

  3. Glenda says:

    I love these quick history lessons! Thanks!

  4. Those are beautiful!! Thank you for the e mail Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  5. Robin Malone says:

    Omg!! Those are gorgeous!! I especially love the bookmark! It’s adorable, plus I don’t have pierced ears anymore. Lmao. Thank you for the giveaway!

  6. Lori H says:

    Interesting that the color blue was first associated with St. Patricks Day. I learn something new everyday 🙂 What a cute pair of earrings and the bookmark is nice too.

  7. Dorothy. Wiley says:

    Love the earrings!
    Thanks for the St. Patrick history.

  8. BARBARA S says:

    very nice giveaway for the season of green!!! thanks for all the info!

  9. B J, thanks for the info on St. Patrick’s Day. I never knew first choice was blue. I do indeed like the earrings and book mark. Gotta go look at your site because I didn’t remember such nice earrings. Hope you have a good holiday.

  10. Dawn says:

    very cool…thanks

  11. ilionpeach says:

    Thanks for the Irish history lesson on St. Paddy’s Day and I absolutely love the earrings!

    • B.J. Scott says:

      Thanks for coming by Ilionpeach. The earrings along with a lot of other gift and swag items are available from my swag page. The stuff is made to order or ready made 😉

  12. dholcomb1 says:

    Thank you–I’ll be wearing my green!

  13. Tonda Pasowicz says:

    Love the necklaces!

  14. Kimi Court says:

    Love everything you make and info about St Patties.

  15. Susan Newman says:

    Thanks BJ for the opportunity!!

  16. B.J. Scott says:

    Good luck Susan. Thanks for dropping by 😉

  17. BETH SHEEHE says:

    Love the earrings, but not as much as I love your books

  18. Beautiful prizes!!! Everyone is a “little” Irish on St. Pattys Day 🙂

    • B.J. Scott says:

      Thanks for stopping in Dianna. Yes we are all a little Irish. I do have Irish ancestors on my father’s side so can honestly say “kiss me I’m Irish” lol

  19. Mary Preston says:

    Everyone seems to have a touch of Irish in them for St Patricks Day. Love the info.

  20. Gabrielle says:

    Great post. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.

  21. Lori Crane says:

    Love those earrings and the book thong. Throw my name in the hat also. I’ll post this on my sites for you. 🙂

  22. Alice says:

    Those are lovely earrings! I love it when historical romance authors really embrace history as well as a good story.

    • B.J. Scott says:

      Hi Alice. Happy St Patrick’s day! The earrings are just one a many items I make and are available on my swag page. If you have a minute take a peek. There are ready made and can be made to order 😉 History is my passion so am always looking for new and interesting tidbits to share or to use in a book.

  23. barbeelass says:

    Your creations are beautiful! Happy St. Paddy’s Day! Well I have your entire wonderful
    book series! I am both Irish and Scottish. Sláinte!!! 😉

    • B.J. Scott says:

      Thanks so much for dropping in to say hello, barbeelass! I am Scottish, Irish and English so have found my place in Scottish/Celtic historical romance. I hope you enjoy/enjoyed the books.

  24. julie whitman says:

    Hi B.J.! Thank you for the information about the green for St.Patricks day,did not know and l love learning new things about the Irish and Scottish! Hope you had a great St Paddys day,

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