It’s official! Cover reveal.

Can finally share my new cover with readers and friends. Thanks to the talents of cover artist Christy Caughie, my new cover  of my soon-to-be released novel came to life. Once you read the book, you will say that is Blair and Laurel. Thanks Christy for a wonderful job.  The book will be up for pre-order soon and the official release date is Oct 15th 2014!


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10672312_10202873285539709_9009049804327017198_n excited

I wanted to share with my valued readers and followers of my blog, that on Oct 15th Soul Mate Publishing will release my next novel, HER HIGHLANDER’S PROMISE. The finishing touches are being put on the book and we have a wonderful cover, designed by the talented Christy Caughie, which I am anxiously waiting the official go-ahead to share. The book will also be available for pre-order and I will let you know when that happens.

Set in the Scottish Highlands, 1320, this  sweet, but sensual tale  revolves around, Laurel MacClay’s, coming of age, the wonders of first love, and the fulfilment of her father’s deathbed decree, that she become lairdess of her beloved Highland clan. But her guardians–her father’s cousin and his vindictive, power-hungry wife– have other plans, ones that include a betrothal to their arrogant,  spineless, self-centred son and a devious plot that puts Laurel’s life in jeopardy.

In this Cinderella-type romance, Laurel endures  hardship and a strict upbringing,  bidding her time until her eighteenth birthday, the day she will assume her birthright and is no longer  forced to answer to her guardians. She prays for the return of Blair Cameron, a dashing young man who captured her heart when they met at her father’s funeral and  promised to marry her.   Determined to remain in control of the clan, her cousin Murray ignores the fact that his wife, Deirdre, dabbles in witchcraft,  has never shown Laurel any compassion, and punishes  who those  who defy her or tries to intervene.

When Laurel’s betrothal to her cousin Allan is announced and she refuses to marry him, Deirdre, locks her in her chamber and unleashes a plot that will ensure her demands are met and her current  position as chatelaine will not be threatened.

Can love conquer all or will evil triumph? Can Blair not only help Laurel expose Deidre’s malicious intent, but also prove she was responsible for the mysterious and untimely deaths of Laurel’s  parents? Can he gather the proof he needs and return in time to stop the wedding and save Laurel’s life?  Those questions will be answered, along with some interesting and unexpected twist in the plot when Her Highlander’s Promise is released.

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Come Celebrate with me!



This weekend is my birthday and to celebrate, I am giving my readers and friends a chance to win their choice a pair of Celtic Earrings or a Celtic Santa ornament.

Share my blog information  with your friends.

Like my author page if you haven’t already

or send me proof of purchase of any one of my books over the next Three days and your name will be entered for the draw.

The more times you share the more times you will be entered Will draw name on Sat May 31st

celtic santa ornament20140107_202752b

The Fraser Brother Trilogy begins with book #1 Highland Legacy

Or get all three books for under $10

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Thistle, the emblem of Scotland.

Thistle, the emblem of Scotland..

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Easter Weekend Giveaway!

Two ways to win!!!


Share my blog swag page so people can see the variety of Jewelry, book thongs, swag and other stuff available.


Buy one of my books and send me proof of purchase via email or leave a message on this blog post.

PRIZE to be drawn on Wed April 23rd!  Five days to enter!

A Celtic Cross necklace and matching earrings


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Hunting-the-gowk! Book sale and Giveaway.

April starts tomorrow. Will you be hunting-the-gowk?


Hunting for a book bargain or maybe a giveaway? 

Leave a comment on this post and you could win a hand crafted, antique-style Celtic pendant and earrings.


This is no April fool prank!


What on earth  is a Gowk you might ask.

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Gowk in Scots refers to the  Cuckoo bird. Believed to be fairy-touched and often associated with simpletons,  their call  was said to beckon the souls of the dead. It was also believed the cuckoo had the ability  to travel back and forth between the worlds of the living & the dead.

Originally the hunting the gowk  was celebrated on April 13, associated with the first call of the cuckoo, who also brought with it  a ‘Gowk Storm’ and the start of  Spring rain.

Cuckoos were also believed to possess the power of prophesy and could foretell a person’s lifespan, the number of their children and when they would marry.

Gowk  also meant a stupid person or fool. It came from  the Old Norse  ‘gaukr’, a cuckoo. The word can also be traced back to  Anglo-Saxon (Old English) ‘gouk’ and was replaced by the French  word ‘coucou’ after the Norman Conquest.

In Scotland April fool’s day is  known as Hunt-the-Gowk Day, April Gowk or Gowkie day.  Unlike the one-day custom of playing pranks on friends and family the jocularity continues for two days.

On these two days, the Scottish  embrace April Fool’s Day and the tradition known as ‘hunting the gowk’. To be sent on a ‘gowk hunt’ meant to be sent on a fool’s errand. While today is celebrated primarily with simple pranks, it used to be common to select a victim and  asked him/her to deliver a sealed note requesting help or a favor. But the note actually  read, “Dinna laugh, dinna smile, Hunt the gowk another mile.” Recipients of this note would tell the messenger they can’t help without another person’s assistance and send the messenger somewhere else where they would get the same response. This continued until  the poor messenger had been run all over town.

The Scottish continue the foolery by celebrating Taily Day on April 2nd. On this day the pranks continue and often includes sticking a paper tail on the back for their victim. Kind of like the more modern prank of a ‘kick me’ sign.
There has always been  a  rule  that while the trickery could begin at midnight of April 1, it  had to end by noon. Those who failed to observe this rule themselves became the April Fools.

Why April 1st?

April Fool’s day or the origin of the term can be traced back to Roman and Biblical times. The Roman legend when Pluto abducted Proserpina and took her to live in the underworld. Her mother, Ceres, the goddess of grain, upon hearing the echo of her daughter’s cry for help searched but in vain. A fools errand  commemorated during the Roman festival of Cerealia  at the beginning of April.

Biblical ties refer to the day Noah sent a dove to search for land before the flood water resided and it never returned. A fool’s errand. Or the time when Jesus was sent from Pilate to Herod and back, fostering the old term  Sending a man from Pilate to Herod”  sending someone on a fool’s errand.

One theory is that April Fool’s Day began in the mid to late 1500s when the pope ordered the calendar changed from the Julian Calendar to the Georgian Calendar. This meant New Year moved from between March 25th and April 1st to Jan 1st. But not all embraced the idea and those who clung to the old ways were subject to ridicule and pranks. In France where the changes first took place, paper fish were stuck to the back of unsuspecting victims and called Poisson d’Avril, or April Fish. This later became April Fool.

But the fact it coincides with the spring festival the feast of fools Festus Fatuorum  Can’t be discounted. Participants in this festival elect a Lord of Misrule  or Lord of Mayhem and they mimicked many religious practices. This festival was banned by the church between the 15th and 16th century because it mocked religious practices.

In Britain the legends go back to the 13oos when it was declared that any road the king set his foot on became his property. In the village of Gotham, when they heard King John planned a trip through their area, the villagers decided to deny him entry for fear of losing their land. When the king found out, he sent his army to end the defiance. They arrived to find the town members partaking in pranks and foolish acts like trying to drown fish or to hold a bird captive in a roofless pen. Deemed a village of fools, too insane to be punished they were spared. Since then they celebrate April Fool’s day.




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Spring has started and while you would not know it to look outside, the season of new beginnings has commenced and soon the birds will be singing, the sun shining and flowers blooming…wishful thinking lol

In honor of the season I am having a SPRING FLING.

Highland Legacy, book one in the Fraser Brother Trilogy, is on sale for 99 cents! all this week.

I am also having a draw for a Celtic jewelry set and there will be other prizes added throughout the week so drop by and comment more than once. Draw will be made on Monday March 31!



The prizes will start with this jewelry set(grand prize) There will be other prizes added throughout the week so drop by often. The more you visit the better your chances of winning. Prizes will be drawn on Monday March 31st!

Grand prize is a Celtic necklace and earrings to one commenter

Secondary prizes a thistle pin to one commenter, a pair of Celtic Earrings to one commenter, a Celtic book thong to another commenter and one on Sat march 29th A Celtic Santa ornament.

20140316_110939             PRIZE WINNERS


20140107_202752b WINNER: KIMI COURT


20140207_123749WINNER FERN MARTIN


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